12-Month Event Checklist

Here at Noir, we are loud and proud Type A's. We have checklists for our checklists and spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets. We've even had a fellow vendor or two comment about our overly organized tendencies. Because, yes, we will show up at your wedding rehearsal with a spreadsheet including names, photos, and relations of your entire bridal party + VIP list. We're pretty much the FBI.

It should also be noted that we really like PRETTY THINGS. Well, obviously, right? Maybe it's our graphic designer rubbing off on us, but when we put together a checklist we want it to look gooooood.

When you hire Noir, you get the motherload of spreadsheets. We're talking checklists, budget trackers, layout, menu plans, timeline, VIP list. You name it, it's on your spreadsheet, and it's completely customized.

But, even if you don't hire us, we want you to have your things organized...and pretty too! Which is why we're sharing our 12-Month Event Checklist with you. Use this pretty little paper as your jumping off point to keep your wedding plans on track.


MC, You Need an MC

Okay, who has been to a wedding and thought, “What the heck is going on right now?! Is something supposed to be happening? Do I have time to run to the bar for another drink? Wait, are they cutting the cake? Dude, am I missing something? OMG I’m so confused.”

We would all be wise to take notes from the classic Mariah Carey hit, “Obsessed”… “Will the real MC please step to the mic? MC, you need an MC.”

Friends – if you’re having a wedding, you need an MC. You also need music. For all those folks who argue, “Our budget is tight. Can’t I just make a playlist on my phone?” Unless your iPhone is built in with an intuitive host that can flawlessly execute all 10 things below, leave your device in your pocket and make the wise investment into hiring an experienced DJ.

Not convinced? Here’s what a DJ does, that your phone can’t do:

  1. Meet with you to creatively design an evening full of music that decisively represents you both individually and as a couple, all while keeping in mind your “Must plays”, “Do not plays”, and “Seriously, don’t you dare play this” lists.
  2. Help build out your wedding day timeline to ensure smooth transitions from one event to another throughout the evening.
  3. Integrate lighting and thoughtfully selected song choices to create a totally different vibe during cocktail hour, dinner, after dinner, and dancing, but still making the evening flow seamlessly and harmoniously.
  4. Coordinate the grand march with your entire wedding party, keeping in mind important relationships and suggesting appropriate song choices.
  5. Introduce and organize prayers, speeches, toasts, special dances, sendoffs, and all other events. This solves the “What the heck is happening?!” problem.
  6. Work hand in hand with your photographer, videographer, caterer, and planner to ensure all moments are captured and timed perfectly with dinner courses and all other wedding events throughout the evening.
  7. Interact with your guests by providing proactive information about the evenings events, fielding random questions (when in doubt, they always ask the DJ), responding appropriately to music requests, and reading the crowd to adjust the playlist in order to keep your dance floor packed.
  8. Continuously make adjustments to sounds levels and lighting according to the venue space, logistics, and layout.
  9. Recognize, adapt, and work around the inevitable changes that will pop up throughout the day.
  10. Check in with you to make sure everything is cool. If your phone is asking you, “Hey, how are things going?”…well, that’s both super weird and sort of awesome.

We’ve established why you need a DJ, so now you have to find the right one. As soon as you have your date and venue locked in, start your research. Reading through past client reviews – as with all wedding vendors you hire – is a must. Make sure they have the experience, the equipment, the backup plan, the insurance, and the knowledge to rock your wedding the way you always imagined. Interview your top two favorites, talk with your partner about who you both gelled with more, and lock them in. 

Having Noir on your side to help make this crucial decision doesn’t hurt either. Let us help you connect with the best in the biz.