12-Month Event Checklist

Here at Noir, we are loud and proud Type A's. We have checklists for our checklists and spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets. We've even had a fellow vendor or two comment about our overly organized tendencies. Because, yes, we will show up at your wedding rehearsal with a spreadsheet including names, photos, and relations of your entire bridal party + VIP list. We're pretty much the FBI.

It should also be noted that we really like PRETTY THINGS. Well, obviously, right? Maybe it's our graphic designer rubbing off on us, but when we put together a checklist we want it to look gooooood.

When you hire Noir, you get the motherload of spreadsheets. We're talking checklists, budget trackers, layout, menu plans, timeline, VIP list. You name it, it's on your spreadsheet, and it's completely customized.

But, even if you don't hire us, we want you to have your things organized...and pretty too! Which is why we're sharing our 12-Month Event Checklist with you. Use this pretty little paper as your jumping off point to keep your wedding plans on track.


The Pretty Paper

Invitations and other paper items for a wedding tend to fall on the back burner for many people. It’s understandable. Sending invitations doesn’t seem like a priority when you’re picking out a venue and a pretty, pretty dress! 

The fact is, invitations (and save-the-dates) are incredibly important! Not only are they the requirement for actually getting guests to show up on your big day, but they’re also the first introduction to your wedding. They set the tone for your event and signal the formality + style. It’s also an opportunity to share your personality as a couple.

Maybe it’s because I’m married to a graphic designer, but browsing the internet for beautiful designs is one of my favorite ways to spend time. Here are a few invitation suites to get your creative wheels turning.

Invite Suite 6 - Honeycomb + Bright Florals.jpg


Gorgeous, right?! Now, keep in mind, Pinterest and wedding magazines are incredible for inspiration, but can be extremely misleading in terms of cost. Most popular suites, including most of the above, are high-end designs and easily cost in the thousands. At the same time, wedding budget calculators leave just the scraps of your budget for use toward your invitations & other paper needs. Even a simple pre-designed invitation + rsvp card from a large online retailer costs a minimum of $300 for 100 cards (that doesn’t even include the envelopes).

With paper design, there are a huge number of variables to factor into the cost from style of printing to paper selection. This is why it’s so important to meet with a professional designer who can provide education upfront in design + printing methods. It’s also important that your designer gets a feel for your style and budget so they can create the perfect suite just for you.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start on this paper filled journey:

  • When determining your budget, remember that it should include all of the paper items you need designed plus any extra elements like ribbons + envelopes and last but not least, postage!
  • Here are a few items you’ll need for your wedding + a few you may just want:
    • Save the Date Card + Envelope or Save the Date Postcard
    • Invitation Card
    • RSVP Card + Envelope or RSVP Postcard
    • Reception Card
    • Directions/Map Card
    • Accommodations Card
    • Folder and/or Envelopes (single or double)
    • Belly Band, Ribbon and/or Envelope Liner
    • Ceremony Program
    • Escort Card
    • Place Card
    • Menu
    • Thank You Card
    • Sparkler Farewell Card, Paper Fortune Teller or Fill in the Blank Fun Card
    • Monogram, Logo or Symbol (to use throughout your suite!)
  • Base your count on number of households for anything that is mailed, such as invitations & save-the-dates. For anything at the wedding, make sure to have enough for each guest.
  • Always, always, always order extras! We usually say to add 15% to your count. Ordering extra now will save you if more items are needed for a growing guest list or if anything is ruined by a disastrous red wine spill or dog ate my homework situation. Ordering more later will mean another charge from the paper company, another run on a printing press, and more work time by all involved—significantly more expensive than ordering extras upfront.
  • There are various printing methods + paper stocks so it may be helpful to take a little time to figure out what look you like and care about.
    • Printing Methods: Embossing, Flat Printing - Digital/Inkjet/Etc., Letterpress, or Engraving
    • Paper Stock Qualities: ThicknessColor, Eco-friendly, Textured or Patterned
  • Determine how you will address your mailings. You have a few options: By Hand (you, your friends, your family), Calligraphy, or Printed.
  • Begin thinking about what you want your invitations to say. Believe it or not, there are different wording rules to follow for everything from formality of your event to who is paying for it. A professional designer will be able to guide you along the way.


If you find yourself in need of design services, let’s talk! Contact us here for a complimentary consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!


6 Weddings Trends for 2016 We're Obsessed With

A new year means new trends and we're freaking out. 

2016 is going to be an incredible year for gorgeous, unique, and memorable weddings. It was almost impossible to narrow it down to our top 6 favorites. After much internal struggle, we did it. 

Naked Cakes
Rustic is truly here to stay. These undone cakes are serious showstoppers - in the very best way.

Smoke Bombs
Your photographer's job just got a whole lot easier. Seriously, how cool is this?!

Comfort Food
Late night snacks have always been fun, now the whole menu can be just as exciting. Everyone from your niece to your grandma is going to squeal with delight when they see these options.

image (2).png

Metallic Color Palettes
What better day to go all out than your wedding? Metallic palettes transcend all seasons. Gorgeous year-round!

Jaw-Dropping, Gorgeous Lighting
Your guests will be immediately reaching for their phones to Instagram your beautifully illuminated wedding. If they can pick their jaws up off the floor, that is.

Creative Reception Seating
Goodbye boring seating! Mixing up the seating arrangements will elevate your wedding from pretty to absolute perfection.

Crazy beautiful, right? We think so, too.