The Wedding Blogs You Aren't Reading, But Should Be

Would a blog about blogs be considered “blog inception”?

Even if you’re a Level 10 creative genius – I am not – every once in a while, you need a little dose of good old fashioned inspo. And times, they are a-changin’. Wedding and bridal magazines have long been the go-to source for newly engaged ladies. Fast-forward to 2016. These poor brides are drowning. Seriously, if you Google “wedding inspiration”, it spews “about 6,280,000 results” back at you. There’s a nauseating thought.

We’re all already suffering from information overload. Consider this me throwing out the ring buoy to you in the vast ocean of wedding inspo.

The gangs all here: Martha, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled. These blogs have stood the test of wedding industry time (the longevity of wedding trends/style is probably most akin to the length of celebrity marriages).  They’re solid, trustworthy, legit sources to get your gears turning.

100 Layer Cake
Martha Stewart Weddings
A Practical Wedding
Style Me Pretty

Okay, now we have to talk about the blogs you aren’t already reading.


BHLDN is Anthropologie’s wedding line. Need I say more? Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with their entire collection, the site also features a “Wedding Resources” page that is g-g-g-gorgeous and chalk full of handy tips and stunning photos. They’ve got blogs ranging from what to wear on your honeymoon to 5 ways to wear a halo. BHLDN, I see you.

Brooklyn Bride

A wedding blog written by a New York interior designer just can’t be anything but delicious eye candy. Vané Broussard delivers some heavy hitting modern wedding inspo with impressive features on photography, calligraphy, invitations, fashion, gifts, and way, way more. This blog is much cooler than I am, but if you’re a hip + stylish bosslady planning a modern affair; this one’s for you.

OMG I'm Getting Married

London based digital designer, Alexis Cuddyre, started OMG while planning her own wedding as an experiment to broaden her design horizons and pay homage to the wedding blogs she already loved. Lucky for us, it spiraled into something way bigger than she imagined. Her featured styled shoots are SICK. I’m not kidding. There’s an Alexander McQueen styled shoot by Hawke and Hughes. Also, her very own wedding is featured on Vera Wang’s website. This chick is downright cool.

Rock My Wedding

I don’t know what’s going on across the pond, but the Brits are doing something right. RMW is a UK based blog that packs a pretty little punch. Living in the Midwest sure doesn’t make me feel fancy, but I feel like reading this blog somehow ups my game (logical, no?). With featured blogs inspired by marble + copper decor and an unbelievable Italian destination wedding, it doesn’t take long before you’re sucked into RMW for hours. You’ve been warned.

All my GWS ladies say “Yeeeahhh”.

Green Wedding Shoes

This blog…speaks to me. I’ve been an avid GWS follower for years now. Honestly, if we’re Facebook friends, you’re probably super sick of me liking all their posts (sorry, not sorry). The “About” section on their site literally is what Noir is all about, too. Fate? I think so.

“At Green Wedding Shoes, we are truly. madly. deeply. head over heels in love with love. We love sharing weddings with our readers and believe that there is no “right” way to throw a wedding.”

Also, fun fact! The couple that started GWS got married in Milwaukee. Could this be why I’m obsessed? Everything on this blog is amazing and beautiful and I can’t wait for you all to get lost in the wonderful world of GWS like I have.

Blog inception complete.