Be Bond Worthy

As the only guy here at Noir Event Co., Colette and Ashley asked that I write today’s blog from a distinctly male perspective. Unfortunately for them, I’m going to write about fashion—men’s fashion, but fashion all the same. At least it will be wedding related.

When it came to my wedding day, I knew I wouldn’t be walking down the aisle in a rented tux. It just didn’t feel right for me. Over the years, I have worn more rented suits and tuxes than most people will probably see in their lifetime and most of them smelled funny, were dirty or simply did not fit. Not to mention those god awful, overly shiny patent “leather” shoes.  All of these issues made me extremely uncomfortable — which is the exact opposite of how you want to feel when your bride is walking down the aisle. You want to look like a freaking sexy beast! Have no fear! I’m here to help.

I realize that tuxedo ownership is not in the cards for most modern gentlemen — we simply don’t have enough opportunities to get our inner red carpet on. However, if you attend three or four formal events a year, a $500 tuxedo investment may well be worth your money. Consider that a rental will often run you $200 or more.  If you’re planning to buy,  spend your money wisely and select a timeless silhouette in either black or a deep navy blue. You’ll be a Bond-worthy badass forever and save a ton of money over time.  

For my groomsmen and I, we opted to purchase new suits instead of handing our money over to Men’s Warehouse for an ill-fitting nightmare. Great suits for reasonable rates can be found at a number of retailers. My personal favorites are J.Crew, Macy’s (wide selection of designers) and Suitsupply (where we purchased our wares).  While buying a suit is a little more investment than a rental — you own it! You can wear it again and again. You can also have your suit tailored to your exact measurements. You also won’t have to worry about returning your new suit the day after the ceremony. Trust me, formalware returns while hung over are zero fun!

Another advantage of purchasing your own suit is you select all of your own accessories. Have a great pair of shoes? Polish ‘em up and wear them! Hate aquamarine vests and ties? Skip them and opt for fresh pocket squares and ties from the ever-hip and reasonable The Tie Bar. The sky is the limit. Keep it timeless and you’ll look great in those wedding photos for years to come. 

If you really just want to rent, no biggie. That’s your choice to make.  A number of services are popping up online that deliver beautiful, fashionable tuxedos right to your door for less than the price of a traditional rental. The best reviewed service I’ve found is The Black Tux. Basically you send your measurements and they send you a designer suit or tuxedo guaranteed to fit. Easy peasy. This option is especially convenient if your groomsmen are all over the country.  

Hopefully that helps! 

Xo (I’m supposed to do this, right?),