6 Weddings Trends for 2016 We're Obsessed With

A new year means new trends and we're freaking out. 

2016 is going to be an incredible year for gorgeous, unique, and memorable weddings. It was almost impossible to narrow it down to our top 6 favorites. After much internal struggle, we did it. 

Naked Cakes
Rustic is truly here to stay. These undone cakes are serious showstoppers - in the very best way.

Smoke Bombs
Your photographer's job just got a whole lot easier. Seriously, how cool is this?!

Comfort Food
Late night snacks have always been fun, now the whole menu can be just as exciting. Everyone from your niece to your grandma is going to squeal with delight when they see these options.

image (2).png

Metallic Color Palettes
What better day to go all out than your wedding? Metallic palettes transcend all seasons. Gorgeous year-round!

Jaw-Dropping, Gorgeous Lighting
Your guests will be immediately reaching for their phones to Instagram your beautifully illuminated wedding. If they can pick their jaws up off the floor, that is.

Creative Reception Seating
Goodbye boring seating! Mixing up the seating arrangements will elevate your wedding from pretty to absolute perfection.

Crazy beautiful, right? We think so, too.