Our 1st Anniversary

Today is Noir’s first anniversary! While Colette and I officially launched our business in November, February 20th was the real start of it all.

We’d decided quickly through exclamation point filled texts that we were starting an event company together. A true modern day business, I suppose. We made plans to get dinner at Hinterland on February 20th and Noir was born over old-fashioneds, fried brussels sprouts, and pure excitement.

We went back to my apartment and with the help of design & branding god, Bryce, we came up with our name that night too.

It was a whirlwind. We practically had our five year plan decided that night including what our future office would look like down to san pellegrino in the fridge. Colette and I reallllllly like a plan. So after our crazy week we slowed it way down and made each decision very deliberately. We are both incredibly idealistic and realistic in the same breath.

Starting a business and putting yourself out there is TERRIFYING. I’ve learned very quickly since launching Noir that only crazy people start their own businesses. You would have to be crazy to choose to work for an extra 40 hours a week, right? Honestly, these days I’m lucky if I find the time and energy to wash my hair. (Um, I have a lot of hair and also, dry shampoo.)

But, I must say, it feels so good to be part of the crazy crowd now. Even though we have regularly scheduled mental breakdowns (I’ve been known to cry over how much to charge people; Colette cries over pretty literature), usually I’m just excited and proud and honored to run a business with Colette.

We’ve been so surprised by the immediate response we’ve had and by just how much has happened in the past three months since we launched.

That being said, I want to take this opportunity to thank our families and loved ones for supporting us over the past year and to thank our new clients, future clients, fellow vendors, and friends for all of your support, ideas, and faith in us. It means the world!

And mostly I want to thank my #1 chick, sister from another mister, and partner Colette. Colette, you poetic and noble land-mermaid, thanks for being the greatest business partner and friend anyone could ask for. You are a BOSS and no one can ever deny what a kind, hard-working, hilarious, and intelligent person you are. Thanks for starting on this crazy adventure with me!