99 Problems & A Vendor Shouldn't Be One

When your metaphorical (or literal) coffee spills, we'll be there to clean it up.

When your metaphorical (or literal) coffee spills, we'll be there to clean it up.

If you’re an avid Noir Event Co. blog reader (we’re hoping we have at least a few people suckered in by now), you already know having a wedding coordinator will alleviate stress, free up your time, and solve just about all of your wedding problems.  So, if you’re planning on hiring us, you can stop reading here.  Look at that – we’re already saving you time!

If you still need convincing that a wedding without Noir just won’t do, grab a coffee or cocktail or whatever you feel like hydrating with and let’s dive in.

As much as you hope and plan for your wedding day to go off without a hitch, the world isn’t perfect and inevitably problems arise.  You are bringing together a ton of people you expect to make your dream come to life: a florist, a DJ or band, a venue, a caterer, an officiant, a baker, maybe a rental company, possibly lighting and chairs…the list goes on.  Unfortunately, the odds may not always be in your favor.  Follow these 5 quick tips to avoid vendor problems and rest easy.

1.     Do your research!

This is about 75% of the battle.  Before you even meet with a vendor, peruse their website, check out former client reviews (Hi Google! Hi WeddingWire! Hi The Knot!), stalk them on LinkedIn… Wait, how did people do anything before the internet?  Just make sure you hire vendors who are experienced, reliable, credible, and awesome.   

2.     Set realistic expectations.

If you’ve paid your photographer for 8 hours of coverage and they started shooting at 10am, do not expect them to be snapping pictures of you and your college friends doing the Cupid Shuffle at midnight.  Keep it real, folks.

3.     Read, re-read, and then read your contracts again.

Each vendor should walk you through their contractual agreements.  Ask questions, seek clarification, and never assume anything.  A contract is intended to protect the vendor, but this is a two-way street and should be handy if ever needed during the planning process, the day of, or after the big day.

4.     Designate a “Go-To” person.

Trust me, no one wants to drop any kind of bombs around a bride or groom on their wedding day.  Today is the day you get to pass the buck off!  Plan in advance for someone you trust (Mom, MOH, Colette, Ashley…) to be the person your vendors tap on the shoulder with a question or concern.

5.     Stay calm and remember the big picture.

There are no do-overs.  As much as you possibly can, let any problems roll off your back and enjoy the moments you’re making celebrating marrying the love of your life.  That’s really what it’s all about after all.

Life is weird and imperfect and you’ll never be able to predict the future.  Just remember, no do-overs.  Enjoy every single second.