More Fun Than Candy Crush: Registering for Gifts

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Raise your hand if you’re getting married this summer! If your hand is up, you’re probably realizing around now that putting together a wedding is a lot of work. You’re making decision after stressful decision and spending what may feel like a small fortune. And it’s safe to say that at some point you have exclaimed to your fiancé, “Why don’t we just elope?!”

Well, I can personally assure you that it will be worth it in the end when you have an incredible day marrying the love of your life while surrounded by your favorite people.

But until that day comes you can take solace in the fact that you get to spend a fun day REGISTERING FOR GIFTS! Easily one of the most fun wedding planning experiences you’ll have. We all know this is about something incredibly more important than gifts, but let’s not pretend that using the little scanner isn’t a blast, okay? 

However, there is a little bit of preparation and organization you should do before you go scanner crazy. That’s where I’m here to help. (Not to toot my own horn or anything, but the lady at Macy’s told me my registry was the most on point for number of items and price categories that she’d ever seen. Okay, totally tooting my own horn. So take my advice!)

1. Use a pre-made registry checklist, like Crate & Barrel’s, and edit it for yourself. 
If you don’t have a dining room table yet that probably means you don’t need table linens, in case you were wondering.

2. Base the number of items you register for off of your number of guests (taking into account any wedding showers).
Also make sure you have items in every price range. See diagrams below!

3. Split out your finalized check list by store.
Make it easy on yourself when you’re in each store. If you end up registering for an item at one store and finding a better version at the next, you can easily edit your registry online at home. Just remember to make note of it so you don’t end up with two blenders.

4. Make the day special with your fiancé! 
Have a fancy lunch. Enjoy a glass of wine. Take your time. This is a full day of planning your future together instead of just planning your wedding. Infinitely more exciting!