An Ode to Ashley

I’ve always been envious of “those people” who knew exactly what they wanted to do.  You know who I’m talking about; those people that started college knowing their major, stuck with it, and went straight into their career postgrad.  I wished for so long I could be more like that.  I’ve changed my mind more than once.  Actually, I’ve changed my mind quite a few times.  There was one thing I was certain of, though, throughout most of my adult (ha!) life.  I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I also always knew I wanted to help people, some way, some how.  So, I suppose I always knew two things then. 

It became clear to me not long after I moved into an event management role that this was something I could sink my teeth into.  Planning and coordinating events came easy to me and I genuinely enjoyed my job.  When Ashley and I connected and began talking about me coordinating her wedding in at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, I jumped at the opportunity. I got the tiniest sneak peek into what owning and running your own business felt like and from there I knew what my next move would be.  The thought of venturing out on my own was freaking terrifying, but unbelievably exciting. 

Then something cool happened.  Ashley and I stayed in touch after her wedding, and over one fateful LinkedIn message, we decided to grab dinner and Noir was born that night.  Our entrepreneurial spirits danced with glee.  We both knew we could have done it on our own, and actually had plans in the works to pursue it individually, but could not deny how much better we could do it together.

This is where I get to brag.  You guys, I have the BEST business partner on the planet.  Seriously, you would be hard-pressed to find a better boss lady than Mrs. Ashley Ulmer.  We’re approaching Noir’s one-year anniversary and it’s truly incredible how much this girl has inspired me already.  There is quite literally nothing she isn’t great at.  I’m not kidding.

It’s become blatantly obvious to me how smart it was partnering with Ashley to create Noir.  Her creativity is off the charts and her eye for all things amazing and beautiful and stylish is astounding.  She’s an endless fountain of fresh ideas and is chock-full of surprisingly relevant information and life experiences.  She makes promises and not only keeps them, but amazes you with the results.  She’s professional and polished and crazy, crazy smart.  Her heart is huge and her capacity to genuinely care for others is remarkable.  This girl not only gets it done, but she runs perfect little circles around you doing it.

So, Ashley, this one is for you.  Thanks for taking a chance on little ol’ me and agreeing to tackle this next part of our lives creating gorgeous events together.  You’re a real badass in everything you do and I hope you realize what a rarity you are.


P.S.  Ashley, please don’t kill me for writing this. :D