Offering Some Sense & Sensibility

Blame it on my particular taste in coffee, but my favorite local coffee shop seems to attract business meetings of all kinds including my personal favorite, wedding vendor meetings.

I can't tell you how many times I've ended up next to a photographer and a newly engaged couple and subtly (I hope) eavesdropped on their conversation. I've been tempted on many occasions to drop a business card on their table, but I'd never be that unprofesh. So instead, I just mind my own business and hope they end up with the wedding of their dreams. 

But the last meeting I overheard really irked me. A couple, meeting with their photographer, proceeded to explain all of the reasons they aren't hiring an event planner except to have a day-of coordinator to clean up and "drive s*!t around". Listen, I get it. That's all I needed too. I'd spent two years planning my wedding down to the second and didn't need much assistance beyond set-up and clean-up. That being said, Colette still went above and beyond to bring my wedding to the next level, but I digress...

My problem with this couple's conversation was that they immediately began asking their poor photographer a thousand questions she couldn't answer about recommended vendors, timeline, and more. I wanted to shout, "This is why you need an event planner!" Every vendor has their specialty and perspective on what needs to happen on your wedding day. But an event planner sees the whole picture and has the connections with every type of vendor to give you recommendations customized to your needs. 

You may not want someone to design your event and that's totally cool. We love when people have a clear vision of what they want. But if you find yourself asking vendors questions beyond their scope of expertise, that probably means you need an event planner that can do a little bit more for you than just set your "s*!t" up. 

If you feel like you've got your wedding covered, but still need some help, insight and tips for your day, Noir's "The Loose Ends" package is probably the perfect option for you. With this package, we'll be there for help with those final wedding details and guidance along the way. And, of course, we'll be there to coordinate your day. After all, you do need to have some s*!t set up.