Tackling the Wedding Timeline Like Clay Matthews

Because I was very cool in high school, naturally, I was in band.  Every other day, I spent ninety minutes in a room packed full of teenagers hyped up on Red Bull and raw cookie dough from the school store. What should have been a recipe for chaos was immediately shut down when our director began class. The room would fall silent as he approached the podium and picked up his baton. Over ten years later, I truly understand and admire the unwavering control a conductor has over a band.

With the best intentions, your wedding vendors will all have their individual priorities the day-of. Your photographer will want to squeeze in every last second with you, your partner, and the bridal party before the grand entrance. Your caterer will want the dinner courses timed perfectly with the chef. Your DJ will want enough time to transition his equipment from the ceremony to the reception site.

Your family, friends, and bridal party will have expectations, too. Your nervous maid of honor will want to make her speech only after at least one glass of champagne. Your mom will want a picture of the whole family together, and I mean the WHOLE family. Let’s not forget, your friends will want at least a moment to say hello and congrats.

This is the chaos. Your event coordinator is the conductor.

The good news is that all these expected events are planned. The better news is that when you have an event coordinator, all the unexpected events are planned, too. 

Planning your wedding timeline can be a daunting task, especially when this is the first time you’ve ever tackled it. While no two weddings are the same, having years of planning experience has provided us with some great insight as to what works and what definitely doesn’t when bringing so many people and priorities together. Many of the day’s events will happen simultaneously and having a professional leading the charge will make it all happen harmoniously. 

We know you want to make everyone happy and ensure your guests have a great time. We want to make YOU happy and having our help guarantees you have an unforgettable, flawless, perfectly timed, and well-planned wedding day.