No Kardashian-Sized Bank Account Here

This past weekend I overheard a conversation between a few women about weddings...specifically how much they cost. One woman admitted, embarrassed, that she was already saving for a future wedding despite the fact that she's not engaged. 

I can't say I would necessarily save up for a wedding that early on, but I can absolutely see where she's coming from. Weddings are deceivingly expensive. Most people don't realize just how much it will cost until they're knee deep in contracts.

I remember thinking $12,000 would be enough for my dream wedding (albeit, realistic dream wedding--no Kardashian sized bank account here). Ohhh, newly engaged Ashley was so adorable. 

I didn't take into account that the wedding I envisioned would require more than a payment for food and entertainment. Not only did I have to pay to have my hair done for the wedding, I had to pay for a hair trial. Not only did I have to pay for invitations to be printed, I had to buy their envelopes and pay a million dollars in postage.

When you're planning your wedding budget, it can be hard to think of every detail when you've never planned a wedding before. And, for obvious reasons, most people have NOT planned a wedding before.

This is the point when it pays (saves) to have someone on your side with experience. Someone who knows the little details that you haven't thought about and has the vendor connections and experience to find ways to cut cost. 

Hiring a day-of coordinator for my wedding (Colette!) not only saved me money in connections and ideas (hello, videographer hook up!), but relieved my wedding planning stress...priceless.