The Launch!

(Originally posted on Affichomanie Blog.)

After many months of excitedly planning with my partner, Colette Cascio, we are thrilled to finally announce the launch of Noir Event Co.!

An event company. A place for anyone who wants a unique and beautiful event. Something timeless and sexy. Gorgeous and intimate. We believe weddings should be personal to you. Your love story deserves more than a cookie cutter wedding and we are so ready to rock this with you!

You may be wondering, where the heck did this all come from? 

I started so many businesses growing up that I can't remember them all. One, in particular, was a short-lived high school venture into event planning. Since then, as a side to my career in consumer relations, I've planned and catered my fair share of casual events along with a big one you may remember as my wedding. That's where Colette comes in.

The immensely talented Colette Cascio is well known for her work as event manager for The Club at Strawberry Creek and, most notably (in Affichomanie world anyway), the coordinator for my wedding. She has a passion for this like I've never seen and a knowledge that is vital to a bride or groom planning their big day.

We knew the moment we started working on my wedding that we could create something incredibly special and so much bigger than one single event together. But neither of us wanted to be the weirdo that said, "WILL YOU PLEASE START A BUSINESS WITH ME?!" That is until a fatefully timed LinkedIn message led to a conversation that never ended and, finally, the pop of the big question. It's a business love story and, after months of planning then breaking so we could get our personal lives in order (she started a new job then I started a new job...), here we are.

Along with kick ass graphic designer, Bryce Ulmer (aka my husband), we can offer even more than event design + coordination. I mean, people need to know you're having a wedding, right?! Invitations, escort cards, menus galore. We can create the perfect customized suite to complement your event.

It's important to note, throwing killer weddings isn't our only forte. We are also thrilled to plan and coordinate corporate events, casual gatherings, and every other party in-between.

You'll be hearing much more from Colette and I on Noir's Blog and Affichomanie coming up soon. We'll be sharing our advice, tips & tricks, and our favorite places & vendors throughout the Milwaukee/Chicago corridor. In the meantime, find & follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. And, most importantly, visit us on We can't wait to hear from you!